Raw materials


At JACK & JONES we love cotton. In fact 75% of our raw material is cotton.

100% of all cotton in JACK & JONES products will come from more sustainable sources by 2020.

Through collaboration with our supply chain partners to achieve this ambitious target, we are helping to improve the way cotton is grown globally.

Today Better Cotton is our primary source of sustainable cotton. In the year 2015/16 50% of our total cotton supply was sourced as Better Cotton.

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Cleaner Production Methods


We have set the standards for how we want to continuously improve the washing, dyeing and finishing of our products. An example of this is the Cleaner Production Programmes carried out in Bangladesh with one of our largest manufacturers.

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With Low Impact Denim (LID) we reduce the environmental impacts of existing jeans finishing methods by using innovative techniques such as ozone and laser treatment.

In 2014 we saved 55 million litres of water and 5 million kilowatts of energy through Low Impact Denim production.

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Our Chemical Restrictions are enforced through a stringent Chemical Testing Program in order to create products that are safe for the workers, the environment and our end consumer.

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Improved workers' wellbeing


We choose our manufacturing partners with care and we place transparency, honesty and responsible business practices at the heart of our relationship.

20 of our manufacturers produce 90% of our products and we have worked with the majority of our manufacturers for many years.

We have strong partnerships and work to improve the way we do business, with the aim of achieving a more sustainable supply chain.

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Our compliance programme works with the Code of Conduct.

Global compliance and supply chain colleagues manage a continuous improvement program with all our manufacturers to monitor the status of the factories we work with.

Through regular onsite visits, training programmes, and industry collaborations, we work to improve health and safety standards and to ensure fair working conditions for all workers in our supply chain.

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Wear and care

There are easy steps to prolong the life of your garments and take care of the environment at the same time:
– Wash less

And when you do, lower the temperature.
– Sort clothes by colour when washing

You probably want to keep your clothes for longer if it keeps its colour.
– Fill up the washing machine

Minimize the number of times your machine is running.
– Air dry

Avoid tumble drying and save energy.
– Reuse and recycle

Your worn out clothes have reuse and recycling value – don’t throw them away.

Reuse and recycle


A used pair of jeans can be a new pair of jeans to someone else. In addition, a worn out or broken garment can be recycled or upcycled into other materials or products.

Please do not throw away your unwanted garments – instead bring them to a product take back scheme, donate or pass them on to friends.

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In collaboration with several industry partners we are in the process of developing reuse and recycling solutions for JACK & JONES used products.

Examples of this could be reselling high quality garments or creating new products and materials out of our old garments.