Strong Manufacturing Partnerships

In JACK & JONES we choose our manufacturing partners with care and with the aim of building long lasting relationships. Selecting manufacturing partners who have put sustainability on their business agenda and are ready to invest in the future are key evaluation criteria for us. Through this, we are able to mutually develop our business and continuously create a more sustainable supply chain. By working with like-minded manufacturers we are developing more innovative products and reducing the environmental impact of our production.

Through a very determined process, we have focused on consolidating our number of manufacturers to create more transparency, collaboration and better business throughout the supply chain. The total number of manufacturers has been reduced significantly in recent years. To be able to cover our product range we have approx. 70 main manufacturers. 20 of those manufacturers produce 90% of our products and we have worked with the majority of our manufacturers for many years.

In 2011 we founded our strategic sourcing department with the overall aim of creating more transparency and visibility in our supply chain. Through a focused effort we have mapped tier 2 and 3 with the aim to identify core risk elements, find new ways to increase efficiency, address our impacts, and give our products additional value for our customers.

The textile supply chain is complex and it is an ongoing process to create more traceability and transparency in order to simplify it and to work with it. A task we are committed to now as well as in the future.